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Online training program that has evolved over 35 years of physical training with constant feedback from the trainee physicians providing a well-structured step by step progress. On conclusion the attendee will be very confident of performing the STAS to the required standards. The following is the course content.


Each module will have one lecture that will describe in an elaborate way the topic of the module clarifying the usual doubts. At the end, the images to be submitted for assessment will be listed. Each module will run for 1 week.

The images will be assessed by one of the faculty members with one chance to re-submit the images after corrections, if necessary.

1-1 Lecture

Covering guidelines, image orientation, transducer movement, survey, lie and presentation, fetal side identification

2-2 Lecture

Biometry – Technique, landmarks and structures, measurement and GA

3-2 Lecture

Technique and check-list of axial sections of head and common anomalies Technique and check-list of sections of spine and common anomalies

4-1 Lecture

Technique and check-list of sections of orbits, nose lips, profile of face, ears, neck and common anomalies

5-1 Lecture

Technique and check-list of axial sections of abdomen, kidneys, sagital /coronal scan of kidney and oblique axial scan of UB with CDS for UAs and common anomalies

6-1 Lecture

Technique of 4CV, LVOT and\ 3VT sections of fetal heart, check-list and common anomalies

7-1 Lecture

Technique and check-list of longitudinal scan of three segments of all four limbs and common anomalies

81 Lecture

Placenta, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord, cord insertions, uterine artery, uterine wall, adnexa and cervix