Solutions for Respiratory Wellness in Covid-19 Era!

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Let India Breathe Easy

The focus of the New Normal in Healthcare has shifted to preventive measures in order to make it affordable and efficient. During the current Covid pandemic, respiratory ailments have taken the biggest hit. The world is already dealing with the burgeoning stress of respiratory ailments and with the crisis at hand it became imperative to come up with preventive measures to combat the surge.


Gen works Health has partnered with globally acclaimed solution providers and pulmonologists/clicians: The Vyaire Medical solutions to bring about a shift in the respiratory healthcare laod by offering an extensive range of state-of-art, US-FDA / CE approved portfolio of res-piratory diagnostic solution - right from the hand-held,point-of-care screening devices on Asthma, COPD, exhaled CO,RPM etc, to the essential and advanced diagnostic solutions like Spirometry, PFT, diffusion study with DLCO, Body-plethysmograph (body-box), to cardio-pulmunary exercise systems.In providing a state of art edge to existing testing and diagnostic procedures in dealing with COPD which is a precursor to asthma too ,the Genworks- Vyaire Medical solutions asspciation has brought to fruition the words of CEO of Niti Aayog who recently commented on the need to harness the power of digital platforms to transform healthcare. Genworks has been at the helm of this transformation with its bouquet of digital solutions encompassing telemedicine, telecardiology, teleradiology, telepathology, etc, with the objective of improving efficiency, productivity, ensuring referrals and a better workflow.